About Me

Christian. Writer. Equestrian. Rare disease warrior.

When I was in first grade, I wanted to do something horse-related for the talent show. Unable to bring a real 1,000-pound equine to the school, I found another way to introduce my passion to my audience: I wrote a poem.

Decades later, I’d say I know a lot more about writing and horses than I did as a spunky 6-year-old. But I’m still doing basically the same thing: Using my writing skills to bring knowledge and inspiration to audiences in ways they can access and understand.

I’ve written for businesses in the consulting and real estate industries. I’ve helped write, edit, and update my local church’s website. And I’m currently a volunteer editor for the Cure RTD Foundation.

I’m used to reading complex material and then communicating it in a way the average person can understand. I enjoy reading, learning, organizing, and sharing what I know in ways that offer fresh insight and perspective.

In the process, my many physical disabilities have become assets rather than hindrances. Because of them, I’ve frequently been called upon to explain my needs and differences to people with and without medical backgrounds. I’m always learning something new about complex topics like cell metabolism or nerve function, and then communicating it to my medical team or the general public. And because I face so many challenges to everyday activities, I get plenty of practice thinking outside the box and persevering through trial and error.

And thanks to those same difficulties, I get plenty of (much-needed) practice learning to depend on God’s grace and wisdom instead of my own. I’m grateful to be able to do what I do, and to serve others through what He has given me.

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