More by Megan

Below is a list of some of my other published works.

Personal Essays

“Message Received.” True Tale. EQUUS Magazine, no. 513 (Spring 2023): 76-77.

Working with horses, as with other living beings, inevitably involves some conflict. But one horse showed me that, when we invest in rapport with our equines, they often surprise us by giving us themselves.

“Fresh Mercies.” True Tale. EQUUS Magazine, no. 505 (Summer 2021): 90-92.

After a beloved horse’s passing, two miniature donkeys showed me that old and new blessings can be very different yet equally good.


“Self Insufficiency.” Ekstasis Magazine, Spring 2022.

When our abilities and aspirations clash, we must ask ourselves hard questions about the nature of our desires and responsibilities—both to God and ourselves.

“Even As.” Ekstasis Magazine, December 2021.

When studying the complexity of Jesus’s earthly life, we find both tension and hope in His response to suffering.

“West Virginia 2013.” The Lyricist (Campbell University, Buies Creek, NC), 2015: 14-16.

When the gospel shows up in hard places, their very hardness can draw souls upward.

“Riding Lesson.” The Lyricist (Campbell University, Buies Creek, NC), 2015: 10.

When tempted to limit ourselves, sometimes we need a friend with a firm hand and a smile to show us our true potential.

“Sing, Cane.” The Lyricist (Campbell University, Buies Creek, NC), 2014: 37-38.

A wordplay uncovers mercy lurking in obscure and complicated places.

“Frappuccino.” The Lyricist (Campbell University, Buies Creek, NC), 2014: 17.

Bringing our full attention—and a little imagination—to the table deepens the simple pleasure of a coffee date with loved ones.

Guest Blog Posts

“Embracing Adventure.” Slauga Slamm (blog), March 11, 2018.

Life with disabilities often involves letting go of certain expectations. But with the right mindset and support, it can still be fulfilling—even daring.

“Resolving to Be Changed.” Blog. The Paige Project, January 25, 2018.

Life’s uncertainty can leave us frozen in fear or wrestling for control. But God offers us a more balanced and powerful way to live.