Announcement: Speaking of Construction…

I first started Voice of Rinnah as a way to track my journey in writing my life story. Over time, my focus shifted to sharing wisdom, encouragement, and inspiration.

That focus continues. However, I am now excited to explore more opportunities to use my gifts in a wider range of ways.

To help me do this, in upcoming weeks I will be working to expand my website. Beginning Saturday, August 4, 2018, this site will temporarily go private for technical work. I hope to relaunch by the beginning of September.

When it becomes active again, you will see some major changes. Most notably, the site name will change to BeanSpired Editions ( The Voice of Rinnah blog will still be here, with all its posts, and I will continue adding to it. But it will become a section on the site. Also, the address will still work, but it will automatically redirect to You’ll also notice a new theme and new or revamped pages.

These changes are intended to set the stage for more opportunities for me to use and share my gifts, both on this site and elsewhere. These probably won’t be the last changes. But I hope that these first steps will provide me with more flexibility to grow and try new things.

Thank you for your patience and support. If you have any questions about these changes, you can email me at beanspirededitions @ gmail . com .


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