Announcement: Gone Writing…

This year has seen quite a bit of growth in my writing and in what I unofficially call my writing ministry.

This year I’ve been keeping up my blog and its related Facebook and Instagram pages almost steadily. Even better, I feel like I’m finding my voice and focus as a blogger.

Over the past year and a half or so, I’ve also begun investing more in writing projects outside my blog and its related social pages. You can see a few of these projects on the “More by Megan” page. Others are still in the works—including one I’m especially excited about and hope to be able to share next year.

I’m truly thrilled about all this. I love watching God grow things. I love seeing hard work pay off.

But this work takes time. And I’m feeling the strain of keeping up longtime ventures while starting new ones.

I want to give my best to whatever I do. In order to keep doing that, I need a break to focus on just one or two important things and plan where I’m going next. I want to get some new ventures on their feet so that, when I come back to the old ones, they’re all able to keep up.

So, between that and some goings-on in my personal life, I’ve decided to take December (and possibly part of January) away from BeanSpired Editions. I hope to come back refreshed and with some exciting announcements for 2023.

In the meantime, feel free to browse my website for past blog posts (60+ of them from 7 years!). I’ve organized them into categories in a drop-down menu under the “Voice of Rinnah” tab; or you can scroll or use the search bar or “Tags” list on the side. Also feel free to peruse the mini-devotions posted on my FB/IG pages.

I wish you all a Christmas filled with peace and joy, and a New Year of growth and beginnings.

Keep walking with Jesus. And never stop.

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